moonvalley intuitive

Offering clever gift ideas for spiritually minded souls.

Whether you’re WITTY, WITCHY, or simply WOO-WOO we help you find the perfect gift to infuse joy, levity, and overall high vibrations into your life and the lives of those you love.

Spiritual Growth is HARD!

We think our spiritual awakening will bring us closer to wisdom and light. And it will. Just usually not straight away. Most of us first experience the random existential crisis, dark night of the soul, or at the very least do some shadow work along that journey.  Our goal is to infuse a little humor, joy, and sarcasm into your experience.  Spiritual growth is hard, but we can keep our vibration high and laugh at ourselves along the way.

Our Products

MoonValley Intuitive offers several options for
all your gift giving needs. 


Customized tees and sweats with personality.

Short stories, novels, and
daily journals on various metaphysical topics.

Crystal and precious stone jewelry, reiki infused by a true artisan.

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Hi! I'm Chandra

I Am MoonValley

I’m a lover of all things woo-woo and just another traveler on this spiritual journey we lovingly call “Earth School”.

I’m a neurospicy Gemini and after a lot of soul searching, healing, and more shadow work than should be legal, I’ve realized the thing that brings me the most joy is being creative.  I needed to find a way to infuse that into living my life purpose in this incarnation.

One thing that I am sure of is we need to support others who are on the similar journey of spiritual awakening.  The challenge of marrying support, creativity, and purpose landed me here. MoonValley Intuitive.

Our mission is to connect like-minded souls with community in love and humor.

We Love Feedback

Check in with some of our previous clients and customers.

The owner is kind and compasisonate about her work

Very professional and can take care of your every metaphysical need. I highly recommend this establishment.
Ashley F.
Medium, Entrepreneur

I love that she gets my level of crazy!

I really vibe with her designs and sense of humor. I love that she can take an otherwise heavy topic and infuse some levity.
Michelle K.

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