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Guided Daily Divination for the Spiritual Entrepreneur (and all other bada$$ babes!)

This Tarot Journal will help you receive daily guidance in all aspects of your life and business, as well as provide a fun and unique method to document that guidance for later reflection and learn to more deeply connect with your tarot deck as well as your own intuition. 

Just as the moon’s pull affects the tides, we feel her force as well.

Tell her all your secrets. Allow her gravity to help carry the heavy feelings, thought, and limiting beliefs you would only share with her. Journal though your healing with the moon by your side. 75 blank pages for reflection and one year of New and Full moon trackers.

Experience the fantastical story of The Moon Rider and start your own manifesting adventure with the companion journal.

Join a pair of brave children as they venture to meet the feared dragon Moon Rider. They learn of her true purpose and how it its woven in with their own destiny and the manifesting magic of the moon. 
Use the companion journal to take your own Moon Manifesting adventure.