At MoonValley Intuitive, nothing makes us happier than providing you, our spiritual community, with items that promote and support you on your journey. Whether than be with providing you some inspiration, amusement or intention.

There is no way we could complete that mission without providing access to the power of crystals and stones. We have partnered with a professional crafter and talented energy healer to bring you an offering infused with love and intention.


Le Papillon Designs

Le Papillion Designs provides beautiful and energetic artisan jewelry. Owner, Michelle Leigh, is highly intuitive and relies on her higher guidance to create her designs. She will choose the perfect stones to bring it into reality then infuse the piece with Reiki healing specifically for whomever is destined to partner with that creation.

Michelle is a certified Reiki and Integrated Energy Alignment Practitioner, she is also driven by a profound passion for creating artisan jewelry. Having personally experienced the transformative power of Reiki, Michelle is dedicated to assisting others in fostering balance, compassion, and support for their mind, body, and spirit through Reiki & Intuitive Energy Healing and Artisan Jewelry.
Whether seeking Reiki & Intuitive Energy Healing or browsing her collection of Artisan Jewelry at her shop @lepapillondesignsllc, in Suttons Bay, Michelle hopes clients will embrace her offerings with a focus on health, harmony, and balance. To learn more about Reiki, Intuitive Energy Healing, or Reiki-infused Artisan Jewelry, individuals are invited to visit